IoT/M2M Gateways: Connect industrial data over networks

The Avisaro Gateways have been developed to forward industrial data from a machine or a sensor via networks. WLAN, LAN or cellular networks can be used. Data can be received from a PC, a mobile device or another Avisaro gateway. Usual TCP / IP or UDP / IP formats are selected for transmission. All protocols are open - so seamless integration into your own infrastructure is possible.

Selecting the best data logger for you

  1. Some examples and the corresponding products are listed under the top menu " Applications " - use this for inspiration
  2. You can quickly reach your goal using the filter in the left column on this website: select the interface, and network connection if necessary... and then choose between the options

Gateway "4.0 Sky": CAN Bus
437,00 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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